February 27, 2024

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Suppliers for Lab recombinants

Bovine Thrombin

7-06659 CHI Scientific 100U

Bovine Thrombin

7-06660 CHI Scientific 250U

Bovine Vimentin

7-06862 CHI Scientific 2µg

Bovine Vimentin

7-06863 CHI Scientific 10µg

Bovine Vimentin

7-06864 CHI Scientific 1mg

Bovine Glucagon

QY-E60152 Qayee Biotechnology 96T

Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) Monoclonal Antibody (Bovine), APC

4-MAA248Bo21-APC Cloud-Clone
  • 100ul
  • 10ml
  • 1ml
  • 200ul
  • 20ul
Description: A Mouse monoclonal antibody against Bovine Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA). This antibody is labeled with APC.

Rat Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A11128 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Goat Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A46041 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Human Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A2368 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Mouse Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A19869 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Sheep Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A98335 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Rabbit Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A28609 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Bovine Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A80905 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Canine Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A63475 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Our used antibodies in Pubmed.

rec EGF (human)

4030572.01 Bachem 0.1 mg 102.27 EUR

rec EGF (human)

4030572.05 Bachem 0.5 mg 271.85 EUR

rec EGF (human)

H-7490.0100 Bachem 0.1mg 194.4 EUR

rec EGF (human)

H-7490.0500 Bachem 0.5mg 457.2 EUR

pGADT7- Rec- 53

PVT11254 Lifescience Market 2 ug 444 EUR

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